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Competitive Base Pay

Merial is a pay-for-performance company and it begins with base pay. Merial targets base pay at a competitive level against our markets for talent and allows for differentiation based on individual performance, experience and abilities. Base pay is reviewed on an annual basis with merit increase consideration, typically in March, based on an employee’s performance and position to market.

Grade Levels

All Merial jobs are evaluated against a global grading structure to ensure similar jobs have the same relative grade globally.

Salary Structures

The US maintains salary structures linked to grade levels based on the US market. Salary ranges are reviewed annually and adjusted as needed to keep up with market movement. Separate salary structures are created to reflect Local, National and Premium market locations based on cost of labor market data in each area Merial operates.

Premium Pay

Merial offers premium pay to non-exempt (hourly paid) employees for eligible overtime, shift premium, time worked on holidays, on-call time and emergency call-in.

Annual Incentive Plans

Sales employees participate in sales incentive plans (SIP) that are customized to the market they support and the type of sales role held. SIPs target a competitive flat dollar amount per year paid in the form of commissions and bonuses in addition to base pay.

Non-sales employees participate in a global, regional or functional plan that rewards employees based on a competitive target percentage of salary and Company and individual performance.

Long-term Incentive Plan

Director level and above employees are eligible for the Long-term Incentive Plan which rewards employees based on long-term overall company performance.

Award & Recognition

The My Awards Breakthrough program allows managers to recognize and reward employees for a specific work-related accomplishment that benefits the team, organization or Merial as a whole.